Mika Suzuki on Jane Austen

実佳が、ジェイン・オースティンの Pride and Prejudice についての論文を Critical Survey 誌に掲載しました! たしか、彼女の卒業論文で取り上げた作品だったと記憶しています。おめでとう!


Mika Suzuki, "Sharing One's Story and 'a Faithful Narrative of Every Event'", Critical Survey, vol.26, no.1, 2014: 59-75. 

This article explores one of Jane Austen's narrative techniques, focusing on her characters' telling of and writing on their past. To incorporate events that characters experienced at different times or locations, she uses life stories constructed by an individual told in the first person. She relies on the characters' subjective telling of their own life stories at crucial points in the plot, rather than leaving the description to the omniscient narrator. In so doing, she provides fresh ways of reading; she enables the reader to get involved in the narrative by sharing an individual's life story and at the same time she ensures that the reader places the character's narrative at some distance. Her use of this method of stories allows her to follow and develop literary tradition. Inheriting the tradition of the letter-writing generations, she provides a new use of life-story telling and a new way of reading them.