History of Medicine in East Asia -- Workshop at Todai Komaba 15-16 July

We will have a workshop on history of medicine in East Asia on 15-16 July at Todai Komaba.  Seven scholars will give papers on the history of medicine, disease, and the body in East Asia in the early modern and modern periods.  Everybody is welcome! 


Workshop on History of Medicine in East Asia 


Dates       15-16 July 2016

Place        Collaboration Room 3, Building 18, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo


15 July (Friday)


13.45- 14.00         Opening Remark  Akihito Suzuki



Evan Young (Dickinson College)

Recentering the Quotidian: Healing Practices in Early Modern Japanese Diaries



Waka Hirokawa (Senshu University)

The Executioner’s Medicine: The Traffic of Body Parts in the City of Edo


16.00-   17.00      

Akihito Suzuki (Keio University)

Voices of Madness: Case Histories and Literary Works on Mental Illness in Modern Japan


Conference Dinner


16 July (Saturday)


9.30- 10.00            Morning Coffee



Keiko Daidoji (Keio University)

The Formation of Constitutional (Taishitsu) Medicine in Early Twentieth- Century Japan: The Debate on the Susceptibility to Tuberculosis



Hilary Smith (University of Denver)

Hunger as a Medical Problem: Changes in Concepts of Nutrition in Chinese Medicine


12.00-13.30          Lunch Break




13.30- 14.30         

Alexander Bay (Chapman University)

Disease, Environment and Historical Agency


14.30- 15.30         

William Johnston    (Wesleyan University)

A Reconsideration of Epidemics in History and Theory


15.30-16.00          Coffee Break


16.00- 17.30          General Discussion