Workshop of the History of Medicine, Society and the Body

On 11 March, we are going to have a workshop of the history of medicine, society and the body at Keio University, Hiyoshi Campus in Yokohama.  Graduate students and post-docs, who have attended my seminar at Keio in 2014-15, will present their papers , followed by discussion. Both the paper and the discussion will be in English, which will make a good practice for students and young scholars who want to improve their academic English.  At present we have six speakers, and there is some room to accomodate a couple of further speakers.  If you want to present a paper on history of medicine, society and the body (or related subjects), please contact me through this site, Facebook, or Twitter.   Each speaker will talk about c.30 mins, with discussion for c.30mins.  Attendace without giving a paper is also welcome.  


Furhter details will follow.  The speakers are: 


Keio Daidoji (JSPS PD, Keio University)

Maika Nakao (JSPS PD, Keio University)

Feng-en Tu (PhD Candidate, Harvard / Visiting Scholar at Keio )  

Eiko Saeki (PhD Candidate, Rutgers Univeristy)

Saori Takama (PhD Student, Hitotsubashi University)

Rie Yamada (PhD Student, Tokyo University)

Sayaka Mihara (Tokyo School of Medicine and Dentistry)