History of Medicine Workshop (7 March 2016)

On 7 March 2016 we will have a workshop in history of medicine at Keio University (Hiyoshi Campus).  At present six papers listed below are scheduled, and we might be able to accomodate a futher couple of papers.  If you are interested in giving a paper, please contact Akihito Suzuki.   The workshop will start around 9.00 at Chukaigishitu, on the 2nd floor of Raiosha in Hiyoshi Campus.  (日吉キャンパス・来往舎2階中会議室)Further details will be announced.   


Eri Nakamura, "Invisible” War Trauma in Japan: Medicine, Society and Military Psychiatric Casualties.


Rie Yamada, TBA.


Saori Takama, Excess Sickbeds in Postwar Japan’s Elderly Care Infrastructure.


Akiko Kawasaki, The Hospital Experience in Margaret Drabble’s The Milestone.


Keiko Daidoji, "Picky Eaters" in Modernizing Japan: The Effects of Improper Diet on Children’s Ill Health from the Eighteenth- to Early Twentieth Century.


Sayaka Mihara, Giving Birth in Modernizing Japan: Evidence from Takinogawa Health Survey.