Sally Sheard, The Passional Economist: How Brian Abel-Smith Shaped Global Health and Social Welfare (2014)

Medical History has received a copy of Sally Sheard's Passionate Economist: How Brian Abel-Smith Shaped Global Health and Social Welfare (2014).  Anyone wants to review the book or knows a scholar who will write a good review for the journal?  


Brian Abel-Smith was one of the most influential figures in the shaping of social welfare in the twentieth century. A modern day Thomas Paine, the British economist and expert advisor was driven to improve the lives of the poor, working with groups like the World Health Organization, International Labour Organization, and the World Bank to help bring health and social welfare services to millions across the globe. The Passionate Economist is the first biography to chronicle his life and the many programs he helped create.

Sally Sheard details Abel-Smith’s work as an economist and advocate, setting it against the backdrop of the larger history of health and social welfare development since the 1950s. She analyzes these developments and the effects that long-running welfare debates have had on both poverty and state responses to it. She compares welfare implementation in different developing countries and examines how it was administered by the agencies for which Abel-Smith worked. The result is an accessible book on a leading humanitarian and, through him, a history of exactly how we have cared for each other in the globalized era.