An Online Meeting for the Graduate Course for Death and Life Studies at University of Tokyo


The Online Meeting in July 2021 and the Entrance Examination in Jan and Feb 2022 

In April 2022, the University of Tokyo shall start a new graduate course for the Death and Life Studies.  The examination for the course is 22 January 2022 on writing, and oral examination will be held on 7 February for the course of master's course and 9 Feb for the doctor's course.  

We explain the ideas of the Death and Life Studies as well as other details on Online Zoom from 10.00 am to 11.50, on 17 July 2021.  Please write an email to attend the meeting to:  Please write your name, address, and affiliation.  

I shall be one of the three lecturers and will explain the ideas and principles of my own seminars and lectures.  I hope we shall have a good time on 17 July.