A Special Issue on Psychiatry in Modern East Asia in History of Psychiatry, vol.33(2022), issue 3.

Wen-Ji Wang and I have organised an issue in History of Psychiatry in 2022, issue 3. The subject is a rising new topic of East Asia’s history of psychiatry. Three papers on China, three on Japan, one on Taiwan, one on Hong Kong, and one on Korea. The next stage might be the interactions between these countries and areas in the context of global psychiatry and local patients. 


Akihito Suzuki and Wen-Ji Wang

Introduction: Madness and psychiatry in East Asian countries in the modern period



Wen-Ji Wang

Managing Chineseness: neurasthenia and psychiatry in Taiwan in the second half of the twentieth century



Yu-Chuan Wu

Hypnosis, psychoanalysis, and Morita therapy: the evolution of Kokyō Nakamura’s psychotherapeutic theories and practices



Emily Baum and Zhuyun Lin

Maoism and mental illness: psychiatric institutionalisation during the Chinese Cultural Revolution



Akihito Suzuki

Psychiatric hospital, domestic strategies and gender issues in Tokyo, c. 1920–45



Harry Yi-Jui Wu

Relaying station for empires’ outcasts: managing ‘lunatics’ in pre-World War II Hong Kong



Hsuan-Ying Huang

End of an era or a moment of reshuffling: fragmentation of entry-level training in China’s psycho-boom



Kyu-hwan Sihn

Distinguishing between neurosis and psychosis: discourses on neurosis in colonial Korea



Yuki Mitsuhira

Shūzō Kure’s essay on psychotherapy including music in twentieth-century Japan (1916)